Trump raises more money from women than all his Democratic women challengers ... put together

As Democrats cobble on about their chances of beating President Trump, and backslap with one another about how 'beatable' the man is, here's some news to give them indigestion from Lauren DeBellis Appell at Real Clear Politics:

The Center for Responsive Politics, which uses Federal Election Commission data, found that during the first three months of 2019 the number of women who donated to President Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign topped the number of women who donated to any Democratic candidate running for president, accounting for more than 45 percent of all individual donations.

That means President Trump had more female donors than Kamala Harris, more than Elizabeth Warren, more than Amy Klobuchar, more than Kirsten Gillibrand, and more than Tulsi Gabbard. In fact, wrap your head around this: More women donated to President Trump than to all of the female candidates combined

So all that packaging, all that flavor of the month among the Democratic elites' choices of women to represent all women - Kamala Harris, Liz Warren, Amy Klobuchar, the sexism-whining Kirsten Gillebrand, Tulsi Gabbard and outliers such as Marianne Williamson - all these women who were put out there to appeal to women - was for nothing.

Message: Vote for me, I'm a woman - is not playing with women voters.

Here's some news for these Democratic fans of 'year of the woman,' 'war on women,' and other drecky slogans supposedly to manipulate women. Women are impressed with Trump's performance. The 'pussy-grabbing' illicit tape recordings, the brash manner, the tweets, the orange hair - are meaningless in the face of what really matters, which is Trump's record.

What's more, Democrats are not offering much in their smorgasbord of many-colored, many-aged women candidates. They're all offering the same socialism. Women socialists are as bad as man socialists, because socialism fails every time you try it -- and even if a woman is trying it. The female-ness of the Democrat candidate slage, put out there to appeal to a group identity, is simply a dud when you consider how bad these people's proposals are.

Seriously, Liz Warren's free college? How much do taxes get to go up for that coming mess? Or how about 'no health insurance, let the government make your health care choices for you, trust us, we'll do it good' Kamala Harris? Destroy ICE, but maybe don't destroy ICE and let's whine about men Kirsten Gillebrand? Defend Maduro and all the things he's done for women Tulsi Gabbard? Comb-eating, staff-terror Amy Klobuchar? Out there Marianne Williamson?

Who'd want to vote for any of these people? 

By contrast, President Trump has created the best job market for women in decades, complete with rising salaries. He's stood up for Angel Moms, whose children have been murdered by illegal immigrants. The people he pardons tend to be military men in military families, heartening many military wives.

As far as female representation, if that's important to some people, well, there are examples of it. On the personal front, he has an admirable wife.  He's the father of an impressive businesswoman daughter and an equally accomplished law-student daughter. And we haven't heard a thing about sexism or misery for women working in the White House. If being a female is important to some voters, well, there are many strong women in key positions in his administration, starting with his much-admired spokeswoman Sarah Sanders and his close advisor Kellyanne Conway. The CIA chief is a woman, the education secretary is a woman, his first UN ambassador was a woman, and Trump's last Homeland Security chief exited amiably after doing a good job, also a woman. Many more, but I have not looked closely, because frankly, it's irrelevant.

I'm not alone. None of this matters to most women as this money poll shows - Trump's cabinet could all be Martians if they could turn out the same job as the current Trump team. Results say something, results matter, and Trump has produced results. It's not about pronoun, it's about the performance. Trump has produced the latter and women are responding.

Yet Democrats have thrown a lot of their eggs in one basket as they have sought to promote identity politics to sweeten the socialism pill.

It's not working. Women are putting their money down in droves for Trump because performance, not appearance, is what matters.

Image credit: MacCauley's Corner, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0

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