Tom Perez braces for criticism from Democrats for cutting the size of the clown car at the debates

Need any more evidence that Democrats are nuts?

With 24 candidates running for president against President Trump, Democratic Party chairman Tom Perez has moved to cut the size of the clown car so voters can at least see the candidates on a single screen at the upcoming first debate, come June.  Fringe candidates can go to the children's table.  According to the Associated Press:

The parameters, announced Wednesday, are likely to help cull a crop of 24 candidates and, in the process, intensify scrutiny on Democratic Chairman Tom Perez and his pledge to give all candidates a chance to be heard .

The DNC's outline for its September debate — the third of at least a dozen promised matchups during the 2020 nominating fight — decrees that candidates can participate only by reaching 2% in four approved polls released between June 28 and Aug. 28 while also collecting contributions from a minimum of 130,000 unique donors before Aug. 28. That donor list must include a minimum of 400 individuals in at least 20 states. The qualifications would remain the same for an October debate, though the party hasn't set the deadline for measuring fundraising and polling.

Notice how the Associated Press delicately says it will "increase scrutiny."

Actually, it will lead to a high-chair outcry, with Democrats hollering about "representation" and "democracy" and "inclusiveness."  It's laughable, given that what they are yelling about in all these high-principled arguments is their own right to a soapbox.

Just imagine what the debate would be like if these people could have their way and every participant in the Democratic clown car got an equal voice at the debate.  For viewers, having to listen to 24 candidates drone on about their positions, in extremely short sound bites, most of them going over their allotted time slots, with all loving the sound of their own voices, sounds like a formula for turning the sound down or, better yet, pressing the "off" button.

The AP notes that Democrats are under pressure from these people based on the fact that they put their thumb down on the scale for Hillary Clinton in the last election, effectively cheating Bernie Sanders.  Since then, they've promised to go "inclusive," which has prompted scads of no-hopers, such as utterly loathed New York mayor Bill de Blasio, to jump in and join the race.  Now they recognize what a miserable idea that was, and instead of getting concurrence from reasonable Democrats, they're getting spoons flung from high chairs.

DNC officials were prepared for potential criticism, releasing a statement from ActBlue Executive Director Erin Hill ahead of Wednesday's announcement.

"Candidates who will be prepared to take on Trump in the general should already be working to build programs that can bring in 130,000 donors by the second round of debates," Hill said.

Besides the increased thresholds, it's significant that candidates must meet both the polling and fundraising marks in the next round. For the first two sessions, a candidate can qualify by meeting one or the other.

In short, they dropped themselves into this stew and are now trying to dig out, settling for maybe 12 candidates on the podium, which is still a hard slog for viewers.

Even with 12 candidates on the podium, cripes, who's going to watch this dreck?  Not only are the debates going to be numerous; they're going to be overpopulated, and worst of all, few of the candidates are going to disagree with each other, being cookie-cutter socialists of varying skin shades and shapes — so they're all going to just focus on who can holler loudest about President Trump.

Perez is not a guy I like, but his effort to rationalize the free-for-all is reasonable as well as motivated by self-interest.  The complaints from Democrats about him are the hue and cry of a clown car desperate to stay crowded.

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