Things the NeverTrumpers must believe (in no particular order)

 An online friend who must remain anonymous has been musing about what those ostensible conservatives who despise President Trump must now approve of, if they seek to defeat his re-election bid, and thereby hand the presidency to the Democrats’ nominee.

This is the implicit set of values and goals that they must now embrace:

1) Abortion on demand is a good thing;

2) Infanticide is a good thing;

3) Letting Iran get a nuclear bomb is a good thing;

4) Higher tax rates are a good thing;

5) More regulation on businesses, big and small, is a good thing;

6) Restricting gas, oil and coal exploration and extraction is a good thing;

7) Open borders is a good thing;

8) China stealing our intellectual property is a good thing;

9) Turning over a significant amount of our uranium supply to Russia is a good thing;

10) Turning our back on Israel is a good thing;

11) Socialization of our health care is a good thing;

12) Repealing the religious protections of the First Amendment is a good thing;

13) Repealing the speech protections of the First Amendment is a good thing; and

14) Repealing the assembly protections of the First Amendment.

My friend asks:

So, Bill Kristol, have I left anything out?