The endgame for reparations

American Thinker's Thomas Lifson reports that reparations for slavery are again being mooted.  It's just so much stuff and nonsense.

To date, reparations coverage has been long on white culpability and short on what, if ever, would finally, once and for all, compensate blacks for the horrors of slavery.  You might think the immense good fortune of living in America today is ample recompense.  You might also wonder about the effect of America doing this on other countries that had slavery in the New World and those that still have it today in Africa.

Apart from the complexities of determining who might get reparations and who should pay, we never hear about the endgame.  Are reparations supposed to resolve black America's complaints?  Or will black America simply turn up the demands, saying that $500B isn't enough?  How much would be enough? One hundred trillion dollars in doubloons? a googolplex of gold rands? all of America west of the Mississippi?

If that part ever gets sorted out, perhaps we could then talk about black behavior.  There are the endless shootings and murders in the ghetto.  There are the victims of "the knockout game" and muggings in the streets.  There are the large groups of blacks who go into restaurants, eat a huge meal, and then strut out without paying, usually disrupting other diners and wreaking destruction on the way out.

It's highly doubtful that reparations will ever be paid or that black behavior will ever be discussed at policy levels.  It's all about Democrats having a club to beat America over the head with, to keep decent America on the defensive, to keep Republicans in the corner where they don't know how to respond.  Republicans were innocent of imposing slavery or Jim Crow, both of which were as Democrat as the KKK.

Though facts don't matter on the Left, knowing what's actually going on helps decent people contain their exasperation at the farce.  Democrats and their Deep State confederates use reparations, as they have used the phony Russia investigation, as a political battering ram.  They don't care about damage to America because they don't care about America.  They may well be the most repugnant people in America.

With this in mind, we needn't worry about reparations ever actually coming about.  Its only real use is as a piñata on which to take out our frustrations when we lose patience with leftist phoniness, insincerity, and destructiveness.

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