With talks on and military force still out, Venezuela's democrats are turning on each other

Since the failure of the military uprising at the end of April, Venezuela's Democrats seem to have run out of moral ammo.  Sure, another big protest...but cripes, they've done these things for decades, and all they get for them is Chavista thugs shooting into the crowds — or as things have advanced since, driving armored military vehicles over them.  President Trump isn't in for a U.S. military intervention, which may be a wise move from the U.S.'s perspective, but it's hard news for the Venezuelans.  Acting president Juan Guaidó has since moved from safe house to safe house in a bid to avoid the Maduro dictatorship's goons...  Bottom line: It's bleak out there, and the democrats are running out of ideas.  And now they're starting to turn on each other. What Guaidó's moved to since is talks with the Maduro dictatorship, in Norway.  You...(Read Full Post)
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