Stephen Moore bullied into withdrawing from Federal Reserve nomination by gutter journalists at NYT, WaPo, CNN

Whatever you think of the merits of having Stephen Moore on the board of the Federal Reserve (and I think he would have been great), he has withdrawn his name from consideration.  The reason has nothing to do with an examination of his views on the economy and everything to do with personal attacks.  Jokes that he wrote or told long ago are being judged by the current standards of #MeToo humorless prudery, but probably even more relevant is what he disclosed to Tucker Carlson last night.  (Go to 1:55 on the video below, where he reveals that the New York Times, the Washington Post, and CNN all got his ten-year-old divorce proceedings unsealed.  Note that the entire interview is worth watching and raises other important points.)

The pioneer in this tactic of unsealing divorce records is David Axelrod, who, when Barack Obama was running for the Senate, got his GOP rival's divorce proceedings unsealed, in which the rival's wife claimed she had been taken by him to a sex club.  The rival withdrew from the campaign, and Obama won easily, the Senate his stepping stone to the presidency in an election two years later.

Stephen Moore's divorce has nothing at all to do with his suitability to help run the Federal Reserve System.  He was blackmailed by gutter journalists.

Image credit: Grabien screen grab.