So read the thing already

The investigation by Robert Mueller produced a 400-plus-page report that, as we all expected, produced fresh indignation from congressional Democrats.  So much indignation has happened that it's impossible to cover it all in this column.

Repeat after me: Donald Trump is the president.

First, the DNC propaganda bureaus hilariously pretending to be "news organizations," such as CNN and the New York Times, badly damaged their own credibility for two years by screeching that "the walls are closing in" on the Trump presidency.  There was no collusion.  There was no obstruction.

Previously, these same propaganda bureaus pretended that a Covington high school student was a racist because he stood there and smiled at a Native American activist.  Just days earlier, they pretended Jussie Smollett was attacked by two white guys wearing MAGA hats, before we all saw Smollett's check to the Nigerian brothers who actually staged the fake attack.

It just gets more hilarious by the minute.

Second, those who are now screeching that William Barr lied about the report in his April 24 summary have conveniently forgotten that Rod Rosenstein (who appointed Mueller, supervised him throughout the process, and was handpicked by Barack Obama) assisted Barr in reviewing the report, drafting the summary, and reaching the conclusion that there was no obstruction.

Rosenstein has also made public statements defending Barr, stating that Barr is an honorable public servant. In last Wednesday's issue of Time magazine, where the year's 100 most influential people were recognized,  Rosenstein said Barr "knows the history, he understands the issues, he respects the employees, and he will defend the principles[.] ... With Bill Barr at the helm, the rule of law is secure."

Nowadays, the Left can't even say Rosenstein's name.

Third, there's still talk of impeachment among the left-wing fringe of Democrats in Congress.  Nancy Pelosi has been around long enough to remember 1998, when Republicans impeached Bill Clinton, armed with ironclad proof of a felony.  Democrats in the Senate unanimously blocked Clinton's removal from office.

Only very rarely has a president's party gained seats in Congress in a midterm election, and 1998 was one of those times.  Perhaps socialist revolutionaries like Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were too young to remember and were too busy planning their next protest to attend history class.

I remember.  Nancy also remembers.

Fourth, the full Mueller report is available for members of Congress to review.  Only three have bothered, and they're all Republicans.  The Democrats want it released to the public instead so that a half-million left-wing university students with nothing better to do can pick over the grand jury evidence, which is barred from release by certain rules written by the Democrats in the 1990s.

This just gets better and better.  If they want to see the report, they can go to the Department of Justice and read it.  But they won't.