Smackdown: Mickey Kaus makes NYT drive-by Maggie Haberman look like a twit

How's this for a splash of cold water over the fevered mind of a drive-by media notable?

New York Times political correspondent Maggie Haberman seemed to think there was a scandal afoot with President Trump's speeches at private fundraisers. Instead of being like Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, or even President Obama, who say one thing in public and another thing in private to fatcats at fundraisers, Trump actually is consistent. 

Haberman specifically complains about Trump's remarks to donors being just like his remarks to Fox News, presumably leaving his potential donors with little of value.

Whoops, stepped in it. Time for a cold shower:



Actually, what's bothering Haberman is that Trump is consistent. He tells donors - and everyone else - the same things in public as he does in private. There's no talk of  'deplorables' as Hillary did at a private fundraiser, no 47% as Romney complained about at another private fundraiser, and no "cling to guns or religion" as Obama remarked to fatcats at one of his private fundraisers. Unlike them, Trump doesn't badmouth the people whose votes he wants in private with big-money campaign donors. 

That's valuable for donors to know, as well as voters.

No wonder he's running away with it on donations, raising $30 million as of April and who knows how much since. The Republicn National Committee has been pulling in a tidy record on fundraising as a result of Trump's leadership, too.

Trump's fundraising, in fact, has been roaring skyward. Trump's women donors, for one, are contributing more money to Trump than all five women Democratic candidates put together. Haberman may not like Trump's speeches to fatcats being too much like his speeches to Fox News, but cripes, the donors are obviously happy.

For Haberman, who obviously can't stand this, that's the scandal.


Image credit: Quotes Everlasting, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0

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