Saturday Schadenfreude: Al Gore inserts himself into Australia's election — and Aussie voters run the other way

You'd think Al Gore, the big clown dumkopf who went off the rails after he lost the 2000 election to George W. Bush, would have learned a thing or two about what works in Western politics.  One of those things is that foreign interference in another country's election is the most reliable way to get the opposite of the desired result.

Well meaning Brits who wrote letters to Ohio voters, after all, urging them to vote for John Kerry in 2004, were pretty much the example of how well that idea works out.

Well, either Gore is a slow learner or else he never got the memo.  Instead of recognizing how futile this idea is, he went to Australia just ahead of its election — one that Al Jazeera said was all about global warming indeed — and repeated the same stupidities he always does about global warming, telling Australians how to vote to make him happy.  When happened then is what always happens: Gore gave Australians one more reason to vote the other way.  The latest election returns signal that that's exactly what the Aussies did.

Here are some CNN live-blog headlines:

Stunned Labor refuses to concede (Note: That's the global warmers in the same left-wing tree as Gore)

Morrison is magnificent, says former PM John Howard

Labor may have lost "unlosable" election

First results hint at Labor shock

You get the picture. Gore must be freaking out.

Sounds as if Gore did his part to ensure a conservative victory in Australia, which is great news for Aussies — and America, too.

What a clown. 

By all means, Gore, keep speaking out.  Conservatives can use your talents.

Image credit: Screen shot from Global News via shareable YouTube.

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