Sandy O: Pseudo-hero

Apparently, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is viewed as a superhero in some circles.  The freshman congresswoman has landed herself her very own comic book deal with Devil's Due Comics.  Ocasio-Cortez is featured on the cover of the comic book standing atop a vanquished elephant (representative of the Republican Party) while a frightened donkey (AKA the Democrats) is seen loosening his collar in the background.  The hoop-earring, white suit–donning Ocasio-Cortez fiercely looks at readers while clutching her cell phone.

What has Ocasio-Cortez accomplished to merit her own comic book and superhero label?  Has she passed any significant legislation?  No.  In fact, her only buzz-worthy legislation, the proposed Green New Deal, was ridiculed by her peers.  Has Sandy motivated her moderate constituents to rally behind her?  No — instead, Republican candidate Ruth Papasian has declared her intent to challenge Sandy for her congressional seat in 2020, and the Stop AOC PAC spent $32K in one day to canvas the 14th Congressional District with anti-socialist fliers.

It's hard to believe that any politician from the Bronx is being touted as a superhero while the borough maintains the worst quality of life conditions, clinical care conditions, social and economic factors, and physical environment conditions in New York State.  In fact, the Bronx ranks number 62/62 on the list of healthiest counties in the state, the worst possible ranking.  The Bronx is also home to the poorest congressional district in the United States — the 16th Congressional District.  After decades of Democratic rule in the Bronx, there has been no sign of economic or social improvement.  Instead, the borough maintains a reputation of being unhealthy and unsafe.

Like Barack Obama's premature Nobel Peace Prize win, this comic cover represents the eagerness of liberal elites to crown each and every one of their fresh faces as the second coming.  Next time, Devil's Due should find a congressman who's actually done something heroic to improve our country instead of tear it down.  Next time, they should look to real heroes who have served our country like Dan Crenshaw and Joni Ernst.

Tom Copper is a pseudonym.