Real gay-bashing in Cuba

Over the weekend, Cuba gave us a glimpse of its definition of human rights.  Down on the island, you can march, as long as you are marching against President Trump or in support of the regime.  Don't you dare go outside that box, as some gay Cubans learned the hard way.

This is from Tom Roogan:

Democrats spent last Friday proclaiming how their 2020 presidential nominee would restore American moral exceptionalism: advancing human rights as a primary foreign policy concern.

Cuba's regime ruined that narrative on Sunday with an aggressive roundup of gay activists. Their crime? Marching without a license. Cuba's communist regime had banned the parade, and the activists courageously decided to march anyway. Democrats, however, don't seem to have noticed the roundup, as not one has commented on the events in Cuba.

The silence is understandable. To comment would be to draw attention to the incompatibility of Democratic rhetoric on human rights and the absurdity of Democratic policy. It goes far deeper than Cuba, but hypocrisy is the watchword.

Didn't President Obama visit that country and pave the way for an embassy?  More than that, remember when Mariela Castro was allowed to visit the U.S. to lecture us on "gay rights"?

The official position is that the gay parade was was canceled because of "new tensions in the international and regional context."

Okay — but what does that have to do with the gay pride parade?  The answer is "nothing," but it's typical of the regime to blame everything on outside factors.

Let me offer this example: what if General Pinochet down in Chile had canceled a "gay pride parade" for whatever reason?  Do you think Hollywood and Democrats would stay silent?  I don't think so.  I'm sure we would have heard all about it at the next TV award show.

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