Ocasio-Cortez realizes she said something stupid and reacts badly

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez finally understands that her claim that we have only 12 years to save the world from global warming disaster was a ridiculous statement.  Having been mocked by her many enemies, and unable to defend the absurdity, she is actually digging a deeper hole for herself, trying to maintain the self-righteousness that seems to power her drive for political power.

In a tweet Sunday morning, she implausibly claimed that the 12 years 'til doom prediction was "dry humor" and that the GOP is too stupid to grasp her wittiness:

This is a provable lie.

She spoke in public last January about her claim of 12 years to escape doom, and nobody laughed.  Her audience clearly did not think it was a joke, and she did not pause for laughter at the punch line.  Rather, she was greeted by applause:

And she doubled down in April on Instagram, without a trace of a smile or humor. (view here).  The only mention of laughter was her explicit denial of any humor in the situation:

For everyone who wants to make a joke about that, you may laugh, but your grandkids will not.

She is shaming people who disagree with her, claiming that history and their heirs will judge them harshly for laughing.  And now she wants to claim she was joking?  What will her grandkids (assuming she reproduces) think?

She didn't think this through — a skill that she has not practiced very much.  If she is claiming it's dry humor to say 12 years are left before doom, then she is also mocking the  2018 U.N. report from whose conclusion she extracted her "12 years" prediction.  This makes her a "denier" if her claim of humor is taken seriously.

The ingenue pol is simply not used to being called to account for the stupid things she says.  Having lived her adult life as a fit, busty, good-looking female with some good dance moves, and working as a bartender, she could get away with spouting all sorts of nonsense, and at least the males around her would nod, approve, or sympathize.  Hot chicks don't get called out very often by the guys.

She doesn't know how to handle her errors.  She needs to maintain an aura of courage and leadership with her fans.  But this is a very bad sign of her ability to pull off her act beyond one term in Congress.  Blaming your own stupidity on other people's inability to grasp your sophistication doesn't play well if you are not slinging drinks to horny guys.

Caricature by Donkey Hotey.

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