Obama Boulevard? In Los Angeles, the new street name is fitting

The news accounts are oh so breathless about Rodeo Road in Los Angeles being grandly renamed 'President Obama Boulevard.' Here's the Associated Press, for one: LOS ANGELES (AP) - A stretch of road in Los Angeles will be renamed after former President Barack Obama during a festival and unveiling ceremony Saturday. Obama Boulevard will replace Rodeo Road, a 3 ½-mile street that runs from Culver City to mid-city Los Angeles, passing the city’s historic black neighborhood. The street honoring America’s first black president will also intersect with Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. A couple who proposed the name change told the Los Angeles Times say they wanted to raise the profile of the road, attract more funding for the community and honor the 44th president. ...and here's Deadline's account of the hoopla: With music, food, thousands of excited residents and VIP guests, Los Angeles renamed a street after...(Read Full Post)
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