New York Times now promises ‘Anti-Semitism sensitivity training’ for its staff

The New York Times is handling the controversy over its anti-Semitic cartoon exactly the opposite of the reigning wisdom on crisis management. Were the issue of the rising tide of Jew-hatred not such a matter of life-and-death concern, the Times’ handling of the crisis over its publication of a blatantly anti-Semitic cartoon – one with echoes of classic Nazi propaganda -- would be a matter of high comedy. The newspaper that considers itself the premier provider of political insight for Americans has managed to bungle its own crisis management. Lanny Davis, a White House advisor on crisis management when Bill Clinton faced the crisis of being impeached, laid out the widely-recognized fundamental point of effective crisis management in this book: Image credit Instead of getting on top of the issue, the Times has continually stonewalled, and continues to stonewall on the important details. It still continues to hide the identity of the editor who approved the...(Read Full Post)
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