'Mayor Pete' is Gramsci's perfect socialist vehicle for cultural destruction

In a significant way, "Mayor Pete" Buttigieg is the embodiment of his father Joseph — and, by extension, Antonio Gramsci.

Buttigieg Senior was a professor of critical theory and the relationship between culture and politics at Notre Dame University from 1980 until his retirement in 2017.  (The man, a smoker who wouldn't quit, died of lung cancer in 2019.)  Academically, Joseph Buttigieg spent his entire professional life editing the journals of Antonio Gramsci.  According to a N.D. alumni newsletter, Professor Buttigieg's work on Gramsci has been spread far and wide, with his work having been translated into German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese. 

Gramsci needs no introduction.  He was a Marxist philosopher and sometime politician.  He's noteworthy for redirecting the Marxist subversion of societies from the economy to instead focus on culture.  Gramsci's premise was that if the Marxists could rot out the culture, society would fall into their laps.  In this regard, Gramsci's idea has been tremendously successful.  It unleashed the kulturkampf (culture war) against traditionalism, the family, love of country, and most of all, religion.  Their weapons are insidious ideas like multiculturalism, social justice, and identity politics.

In America, the basic aim of the cultural Marxists was (and still is) to replace Christianity as the nation's bedrock with the new secular religion of the progressives.

According to E. Michael Jones in his book Home Alone; A Neighbor's Thoughts on Pete Buttigieg

Buttigieg père was no scholar, but he was a world class academic schemer; his implementation of Gramsci's theory of cultural subversion at Notre Dame won him an endowed chair in spite of the fact that his only book in the Notre Dame library is a warmed over doctorial dissertation on James Joyce which was full of modernistic clichés he would later ridicule after his conversion to post-modernism, whose main apostle was Michel Foucault.

Jones goes on about Joseph Buttigieg's work at N.D.:

More importantly, Buttigieg père is the man who introduced the thinking on Michel Foucault, an advocate of political correctness and homosexualism, to the University of Notre Dame.

This sets one to thinking.  How much of Mayor Pete's homosexuality is due to his father Joseph spreading his postmodern ideology at home as opposed to blaming it on the mythical "homosexual gene"?  In any case, by gaining national recognition by having thrown his hat into the Democrat presidential primary, Mayor Pete is advancing the cause of cultural Marxism.  By being in a homosexual union, which he calls a marriage, the high visibility thus accruing to Buttigieg and his so-called husband can only further desensitize the country to the type of arrangements such as theirs.  The image of a homosexual first "family" in the future is the logical extension from Buttigieg's campaign.  In this regard, Buttigieg is a symbol and role model who will adversely affect many.  And this is how the Marxists advance their agenda — incrementally, one step at a time.

Mayor Pete has little chance of winning the nomination for president even from a party as dysfunctional as the Democrats.  At least not this time.  Liberals like Joe Scarborough of MSNBC, however, are tantalized by Buttigieg and are calling him "the future of the Democrat Party."  Even Brit Hume of Fox News is impressed with Buttigieg and says: "I think Pete Buttigieg is the most impressive, by far, candidate in terms of raw political talent in the Democratic field, and he may be the most impressive candidate I've seen since the emergence of Barack Obama."

All this is troubling.  The damage Mayor Pete had done and will continue to do to the traditional society upon which America was built is huge.  Both Buttigieg's father and Gramsci himself would be proud of the boy.

Image: Marc Nozell via Flickr.

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