Lindsey Graham invites Robert Mueller to testify about his phone call with AG Barr

I am filing this story in the "put up or shut up" category of invitations.  Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Lindsey Graham Friday morning sent a letter to Special Counsel Robert Mueller inviting him to testify about the phone call he had with A.G. Barr following the letter Mueller sent to Barr about the summary of findings the A.G. issued, pending release of the full report.  That letter, purportedly meant to be private, nonetheless was leaked right before Barr testified before Graham's committee and was used by Democrat members to criticize the A.G. Here is the letter, as released in a tweet from the Judiciary Committee: Chairman @LindseyGrahamSC writes to Special Counsel Mueller regarding Attorney General Barr's testimony: — Senate Judiciary (@senjudiciary) May 3, 2019 In sending this letter, Graham was following through on a promise he made following A.G....(Read Full Post)
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