Lindsey Graham invites Robert Mueller to testify about his phone call with AG Barr

I am filing this story in the "put up or shut up" category of invitations.  Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Lindsey Graham Friday morning sent a letter to Special Counsel Robert Mueller inviting him to testify about the phone call he had with A.G. Barr following the letter Mueller sent to Barr about the summary of findings the A.G. issued, pending release of the full report.  That letter, purportedly meant to be private, nonetheless was leaked right before Barr testified before Graham's committee and was used by Democrat members to criticize the A.G.

Here is the letter, as released in a tweet from the Judiciary Committee:

In sending this letter, Graham was following through on a promise he made following A.G. Barr's testimony:

Mueller knows that Barr had him on a speakerphone, with witnesses present and taking notes.  (Incidentally, what does that tell you about the actual regard in which Barr holds Mueller — a man he has known for decades?)  Reportedly, during the conversation, Barr asked Mueller if there were any inaccuracies and was told by Mueller, no.

Meanwhile, the Democrat-controlled House Judiciary Committee is negotiating with Mueller over possible testimony.  Just a guess: They are not demanding that staff members be given a half-hour to question Mueller.

Image credit: C-SPAN video screen grab.

Hat tip: Roger Luchs.