Leaked internal document reveals Facebook wanted special scrutiny of Candace Owens's background, ideology, looking for reasons to ban her

Facebook is being exposed as a naked propaganda organ that ought to be treated by law as a "publisher" legally responsible for the content it hosts, and not as a "forum" — the status it currently enjoys, exempting it from libel laws and other downsides to the content it spreads out to the world. A must-read article in the Epoch Times by Petr Svab documents to shocking effort undertaken by Mark Zuckerberg's propaganda operation. Facebook has encouraged some of its employees to probe the background of conservative commentator Candace Owens for anything that could give the social media giant grounds to kick her off its platforms, an internal Facebook document described and partially leaked to Breitbart indicates. The document is a spreadsheet on "Policy Review" of what the company calls "hate agents." It was created in early April and was related to prominent figures recently banned from the platform, a...(Read Full Post)
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