Krugman stamps himself into a fit of jealousy over Trump's presidential medal to Tiger Woods

Has Paul Krugman gone off the deep end? What a fool the Nobel prize–winning economist-turned–New York Times columnist has made of himself with this tweet, sniping at President Trump for presenting Tiger Woods with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. I'm old enough to remember when Presidential Medals of Freedom were given for showing courage and making sacrifices on behalf of the nation and the world. Tiger Woods ... hits golf balls for money — Paul Krugman (@paulkrugman) May 7, 2019 It was a no-brainer to give the man the award, given that nearly every president since John Kennedy has given the award to some standout athletes — Michael Jordan, et al. — notes Ashe Schow at the Daily Wire.  But somehow, if Trump did it, too, it was proof of Very Bad Judgment in the mind of Krugman.  It was no longer about an athlete, his courage, and his character; it was all about golf...(Read Full Post)
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