Judgment Day coming for Democrats

Democrat Sen. Mazie Hirono verbally brutalized A.G. William Barr during the Judiciary Committee hearing.  Hirono's abuse of Barr and disrespect for our president were condescending and breathtakingly evil.  Her demand that Barr resign was rooted in spin and lies.  She venomously denounced president Trump as a "grifter and liar."

Can you imagine the American Left's response to a Republican calling Obama a grifter and liar?  That Republican would be declared a racist then given a high-tech beating and stoning to death in the public square.  All standards of decency have been thrown out the window in the leftists' mission to stop Trump from restoring America's greatness and to remove him from office.  Vitriolic disrespect for Trump and his family, even death threats, are acceptable.

Wicked Democrat Nancy Pelosi outrageously claimed that Barr lied, committing perjury during the hearing.  Pelosi knows that fake news media will promote her absurd charge against Barr as the truth.

On my car radio, I heard ABC news report that the Mueller report concluded that Trump did try to collude and obstruct justice.  I thought, "That is not what the Mueller report concluded."  My relatives, who pay little attention to politics, hear fake news media lies and believe them.  Most of my black relatives believe that Trump is racist and hates women, blacks, and Mexicans.  These are absurd strategic lies promoted by evil Democrats and their fake news media minions.

Due to the media hiding the truth while promoting Democratic lies, my black relatives have no idea that Trump is doing an amazing job for America, blacks, and women.  Black unemployment has reached historic lows.  Women and Hispanics are also thriving in Trump's economy.

By rolling back a ton of Obama's overreaching, absurd government regulations, America is experiencing a remarkable wave of prosperity.  Unemployment is at 3.6%, the lowest since 1969.  In essence, everyone seeking a job has one.  The private-sector average hourly wage is $27.77.  Despicably, fake news media are hiding the great job Trump is doing for the American people.  Fake news media are demonically obsessed with spreading lies about Trump 24/7.

But folks, what really turned my stomach was watching Democrats Mazie Hirono, Cory Booker, and Kamala Harris's arrogant attitude of superiority at the hearing as they spewed hateful lies.  Clearly, they will destroy whomever necessary to undermine Trump's remarkably successful presidency.  My sense of justice and fair play hates to see Hirono, Pelosi, and their fellow Democrat minions get away with it.

The Bible says they will not get away with it.

"A false witness shall not be unpunished, and [he that] speaks lies shall perish."  Proverbs 19:9

"Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor."  Exodus 20:16

Democrats are insidiously bearing false witness, lying to the American people in total contradiction to the Mueller report, which did not find Trump guilty of collusion or obstruction.  And yet, the Democrats, with the help of their minions in the media, persist in keeping their "Trump colluded and obstructed" lie going.

A day of reckoning is coming for Democrats and their fellow anti-Trump/anti-America resisters.

Democrats and the fake news media still do not know how to defeat Donald J. Trump, the new sheriff in town.  Like the sheriff in the classic movie High Noon, Trump is courageously fighting alone.  Unlike most Republicans, Trump stays on offense rather than cowering in fear in response to political attacks.

Democrats and the Deep State are panicked because President Trump is about to declassify details of their silent coup to destroy his presidency.  As the Bible says, those who bear false witness will be punished.  Praise God!

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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