Jihad terrorist sentenced in Chicago as media and Obama-appointed judge downplay his attempted slaughter of infidels

Mass murder in the name of Allah tends to be a young man's game.  A never-ending series of slaughters around the world, such as the Easter massacres of hundreds of Christian infidels, is the result of the appeal of serving a purportedly sacred end while acting out on feelings of anger and aggression.  The siren song of access to virgins in paradise once the infidels are slaughtered, as the scriptures in the  Koran and Hadith endorse, appeals to the raging hormones of adolescent and post-adolescent males in particular, though females and older males also are attracted to the idea of following Allah and achieving paradise though cruelty and murder. So it is not terribly surprising that when Adel Daoud was 18 years old, he was vulnerable to the appeal of violent jihad.  And when an undercover FBI agent offered to help him manufacture and detonate a car bomb outside a Chicago bar that could kill and maim a large number of infidels inside, he...(Read Full Post)
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