Impeachment is now the only play the Left has

I have had it up to here with the Democratic Party, now investing all its energy in destroying Donald Trump even if it means doing irreparable harm to the country and the presidency.  And it's about to get worse.

Color me unsurprised.  Schumer, Pelosi, their congressional cohorts, their peevish billionaire backers, their unserious presidential aspirants, their angry base, their media sycophants, and their Deep State allies — none of them gives a fig about the damage their cause is doing to America's tradition of constitutional governance.  It's about power, not principle. 

Plenty of ordinary people who inhabit the Left's echo chamber believe they're on the side of the angels.  You know them — the cousins, siblings, friends who refuse to entertain any information that contradicts their beliefs.  The Progressives' pawns.  In their millions, they're about to be enlisted in the Democrats' last-ditch attempt to nullify Trump's election.

Mueller was probably told by Barr to wrap it up and stuck his finger in the A.G.'s eye by devoting half the report to obstruction porn.  They'll deny it, but House committee chairs Schiff, Nadler, and Cummings are now prepping the ground for impeachment hearings.  Every Dem in the House, including the "moderates," will vote to impeach because they live in Nancy's world.  Against conventional wisdom, it will happen sooner rather than later.  Why?

As Mueller and collusion recede, as the economy keeps chugging along, Trump's numbers are likely to tick up.  He must be stopped before he reverses the progressive train wreck the left plans for the rest of us.  Impeachment — not conviction, which is not going to happen — might constrain Trump from pursuing his agenda and perhaps render him unelectable in 2020.  Consider:

  • The instant the president is impeached, he will be proclaimed tainted and unworthy of holding the office.  Hillary's charge that he is an illegitimate president will become the new narrative, the inescapable truth.
  • Deathly afraid of Ruth Bader Ginsberg's passing, Schumer will declare that an impeached president has no business making appointments to the Supreme Court.  Thousands of left-leaning lawyers and academics will sign petitions.  The news will be about nothing else.   In this climate, McConnell might be unable to herd all his cats and get a Supreme Court nominee through.
  • On immigration, trade, Iran, Venezuela, and a host of other matters, squishy Republicans in the House and Senate will determine that Trump is weakened and desert him to bask in the praise of Colbert, Schiff, and the New York Times for abandoning partisanship for the good of the country.  (Barf.)  I'm thinking of you, Senator Romney.
  • Impeachment in the near future obliterates coverage of the DOJ's I.G. report, the Huber inquiry, and anything Bull Durham has come up with since he began his investigation.  Smoking guns?  Brennan, Clapper, Comey indicted?  Who cares?  Section B, page 13, maybe.  Trump's impeachment is the only story.

Loyal opposition, my butt.   The Left and its enablers are disloyal opportunists messing with the greatest document — aside from the Bible — in human history: the Constitution of the United States.  And more's the pity: millions of Americans who love this country and its institutions stand with the people who are trying to shred it.  These I don't forgive for they know not what they do, because they've chosen ignorance.

With Mueller done and hell about to descend on the Deep State, Pelosi must pull the trigger on impeachment.  That's all the Dems have.  And, not being entirely convinced about the wisdom of the American electorate, it may be enough.

Steve Grammatico is the author of You Hear Me, Barack?  PC-Free Conservative Satire.  He blogs at You Hear Me, Barack?  A Repository of Conservative Satire, where he's just posted some V.P. Biden satire from the book.

Image: Lorie Schaull via Flickr.