Illegals' legal blackmail in America

Much has been written about the huge cost to American citizens of illegal immigration.  The staggering numbers include border enforcement, detention, housing, food, health care, education, emergency medical treatment, infant and child care, legal process, detention, and deportation — and, lamentably, dispersement of the ever growing hordes of unmonitored illegals into the general population. 

Those costs are dwarfed, however, by the pain and anguish some citizens bear as a result of the criminal acts perpetrated by known criminals, in plain sight, in the illegal alien population.  Yet, there is another cost borne by private citizens that, while not violent rape, kidnapping, or murder, can produce economic destruction and irreparable family discord.

These destructive acts, being perpetrated in our legal system, have heretofore gone unreported.

Workers in America are required to have a Social Security number.  Operators of vehicles, buses, trains, ships, and planes must have the requisite license to move these various modes of transportation.  All manner of professions and skilled trades require education, examinations, and the granting of licenses.

Responsible citizens abide by all of these requirements and work hard to earn them.  Yet there are hundreds of thousands and probably millions of individuals who work and operate in our midst without a single one of these identifiers or the qualifications required to engage in the work for which they are illegally hired. 

In tort litigation, a plaintiff's case is valued by a combination of factors such as age, degree of injury, how it affects activities of daily life and annual salary, contributory negligence of all parties, and the various state laws governing monetary apportionment of negligence.  Typically, the younger victim with a concomitantly projected longer life will have a greater projected salary loss than a much older victim.  This disparity will be reflected in the expert opinion dollar award.

Now, imagine that you are a law-abiding citizen.  You have a birth certificate, a Social Security number, a driver's license, and perhaps a passport.  If you are in one of the monitored professions such as the skilled trades — a first responder, a beautician, a barber, electrician, plumber, teacher, truck-driver, doctor, dentist, nurse, or lawyer — you have endured special training and require a license for your work.

Suddenly, you are sued for millions of dollars by a person you never met, but who alleges and claims he was seriously injured performing work for you.  Moreover, that injured person holds none of the licenses required for the work he purports to have performed.  Worse, the person has two different birthdates (one of which could drastically increase potential damages), though neither matches up to any legal Social Security number, does not have a driver's license, and is not in any way legally qualified.  Finally, the lawsuit is not costing the illegal a cent, as a personal injury lawyer has taken the case on a contingency basis.

Thus, the non-English-speaking illegal is in violation of myriad laws.  He is in the United States illegally.  He is working without a Social Security number.  He has forged one or both of his birth certificates. 

He does not have the requisite license to perform the work he asserts was being performed at your behest, and he does not have a license to drive back and forth from the purported work site.

Unfortunately, the purported "accident" took place in a sanctuary city.  Regardless of illegal status and the myriad laws he has broken, the illegal is permitted, and has the legal right, to bring a lawsuit.  The extant legal and penal systems are riddled with employees who flout the law, openly protest against and refuse to cooperate with ICE, and the city, with its mayor's blessings, provides tens of thousands of social welfare dollars to illegal aliens.

Thus, the law-abiding citizen is forced to spend money hiring an attorney, answering the complaint and fighting back aggressively.  He fears going bankrupt.  He fears that his wife will leave him.  He fears he will lose everything he has spent a lifetime working two and three jobs to create.

It is robbery, it is blackmail, and It is a disgrace.  Every politician who supports this abuse of our judicial system should be voted out of office.

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