Illegal aliens are not 'fine' or 'great' people

I don't know what definition others may use for describing people as fine or great, but illegal aliens by definition do not meet my standards for those adjectives.

Fine/great people (FGP) do not break laws just because those laws are inconvenient.  Illegals come here to plunder our resources and redistribute those assets to their own benefit.  Our system allows this.

One doesn't become FGP by working for wages, not even if he gets the going rate and pays income taxes on the money.  That just displaces a citizen who is never even offered the job, who thus misses the opportunity to fully participate in society and feel the pride of making his own way instead of being a dependent on the government or his friends and family.  Such citizens do not usually start families, resulting in continued low birth rates and the claim that more foreigners, both immigrants and illegal aliens, must be accepted.

FGP don't come here to exploit our social safety net by bringing children or giving birth to them after arrival.  Many women making the trip to enter illegally are raped multiple times on their journey.  Females as young as nine years old can get pregnant.  The time required to deal with asylum claims in the courts is more than enough to produce babies.  Such babies are among the few whom liberals don't want to abort — not because the children are human beings, but because they are used to prevent deportation of their mothers.  The babies are automatically American citizens and entitled to receive care at the expense of American taxpayers.

FGP would not subject children to a journey here or allow their kids to be sent out of the country to escort in more fake families.  These people are horrible parents.  What chance do the kids have to become normal after those experiences?

FGP would learn the language and the laws and apply for immigration before leaving their countries of origin, and they would not come if denied.  They wouldn't act as if they had a right to be here after crossing the border illegally.  They wouldn't treat the sidewalks like bathrooms and break into unguarded homes and businesses.

FGP wouldn't strangle old women or rape a Lhasa Apso to death.  They wouldn't rape little girls or little boys, run drugs, or traffic sex slaves.

The FGP of Guatemala are still in Guatemala, trying to make Guatemala great.  Ditto for Honduras and Mexico.  We have more than enough citizens to fill our jobs and even, sadly, to commit crimes like rape, theft, and murder.  We don't need the scavenging parasites of other cultures to come here and destroy the country faster than we can save it.

We are being economically and socially bled to death, and illegals will continue to hasten our demise.  Too many leeches was a flawed medical approach that killed George Washington.  Now they are killing our nation as well.  No, these are not fine or great people.  Not at all.