Godzilla-sized ExxonMobil gets ready to stomp socialist Cuba like a bug

That didn't take long. Mere days after President Trump lifted the waiver on lawsuits by Americans to sue communist Cuba for expropriated assets, Big Oil's Bigfoot, ExxonMobil, was on this case like Godzilla.  The Miami Herald reports that it is ready to stomp Cuba: Exxon Mobil has filed suit in U.S. federal court against Cuba’s CIMEX and CUPET companies for their use of an oil refinery and other properties seized by the Fidel Castro government six decades ago. Exxon Mobil is the first U.S. company to file suit after President Donald Trump allowed Title III of the Helms-Burton Act to take effect, opening the way for demands against Cuban and foreign companies that benefit from properties seized by the communist government. Title III had been suspended every six months by every U.S. president since the law was approved in 1996. That's a monster.  And it's going to cost Cuba big, if ExxonMobil wins, and...(Read Full Post)
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