Funny how Elizabeth Warren always gets awkward when she tries to come off as human

She's done it again.  She's stepped in it.

Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren's floundering run for president has brought on a new stunt played on Twitter to humanize herself that just makes her look foolish.

According to Breitbart:

Senator and 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) offered to assist a woman on social media with conjuring up a plan to fix her "love life" on Sunday, suggesting she send her a private message so that the two can "figure this out."


"Do you think Elizabeth Warren has a plan to fix my love life?" tweeted Black on Saturday, likely in reference to several of Warren's recent policy proposals, in which the presidential candidate suggests that she, as a politician, can fix the public's personal problems.

"DM me and let's figure this out," replied Sen. Warren, to which Black reacted by tweeting, "I knew I could count on you."

Had enough?  Rest assured it's unlikely she fixed this woman's problems, and more to the point, she wouldn't be in a position to solve every American's personal problems were she elected president.  She's running for president, though, and this is something she wants getting out, the better to pander to the women's magazine–reading low-information voters.  Awkward, given that the rest of us are watching.  Is she running for president, or is she running for Yenta in Chief?

What we are seeing here is the empty politics of gesture, much the same way Pope Francis got a lot of positive press for hugging handicapped people in crowds before the Church faithful could find out what his real agenda was, the unabashedly leftist one.

Now, coming from a presidential candidate seeking to reignite her campaign based on a cheesy Dear Abby stunt, well, that's embarrassing.

It's always that way with Warren.  The Breitbart report notes that she did another bid to prove herself the regular everywoman, posing on a bus, telling everyone she was Elizabeth Warren and clearly wanting them to get excited.  The strap-hanging commuters were not impressed.

There also was her famous beer-drinking ad, trying to pal it up with the regular joes out there by trying to convey that she, too, drinks beer; she's not just the haughty Harvard law professor focused on policy-wonking.  That was clearly staged, particularly with the scripted kiss with her husband — and fell flat.

Seems that every time Liz Warren tries to seem human, this sort of thing happens.  Maybe she should quit pandering to all the little guys out there since this stuff doesn't cut it.

Image credit: The Matchmaker by Gerrit van Honthorst, Centraal Museum, Netherlands, public domain.

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