Doxxing skinny teenage girls, then smearing them again in his 'apology,' Rep. Brian Sims is some Democrat

When it comes to teenagers, the Covington Kids incident pretty well underlined one social rule for the wokesters and everyone else: hands off.  Don't touch.  Get away.  Pick on someone your own size.  Or pay the price.

Up until now, leftists have always understood such rules, as could be seen in their protectiveness of the Obama daughters, at least one of whom partied and smoked pot for the cameras, and in the flood of outrage that followed one ill advised tweet from radio host Laura Ingraham against Parkland shooting leftist student-activist David Hogg.  Teenagers are off limits.  That's the rule.  And since it's a reasonable one, with conservatives generally agreeing, there's hell to pay for those who break it.

Now we have someone named Brian Sims, a statehouse representative of Pennsylvania, who thinks the social rule doesn't apply to him, so unlike other people, he's targeted skinny teenage girls as fair game if they don't share his political views.  In a video, he offered a hundred dollars to anyone who could 'doxx' them for him, putting their names, addresses, Social Security numbers, medical record information, phone numbers, email addresses, or whatever out there on the internet permanently.

It was something that, normally, an anonymous sleazy internet troll would do, not someone elected to represent all the people in his district.  But Sims not only decided to target the teenagers, but did it with his face smooshed to the camera.  And apparently, it's not the first time he's waged doxx warfare on dissidents, either, as this story indicates.  In offering money to someone to doxx the teens, Sims in effect dragged a hundred-dollar-bill in front of leftists to find out who these three skinny teenage girls protesting at a Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood 'clinic' were, the better to name and shame them, to expose them to harassment and perverts looking for children's addresses and phone numbers, to put them on college admissions blacklists, the better to ensure that they never dared try to express their First Amendment right to peaceful protest again.  That'd fix them!  Better still, Sims's act was designed to ensure that others in the wake of this incident didn't try, either.  Kill the chicken, scare the monkey, as the old Chinese saying goes.

The kids in the video, though, were hardly monsters.  The teens were quietly praying for babies at the clinic — and not blocking anyone from entering, either.  They were not only utterly unaggressive and timid; actually, they were clearly kids.  Yet those were the ones Sims targeted, telling his fellow leftists in his call-to-doxx message that he was there to 'defend women.'  Defend women by doxxing girls?  He was obviously bullying girls, which is some logic for defending women.  And according to this report in the Philly Voice, he was the only one yelling.

After a public outcry — which had to have been strong, because even Planned Parenthood disavowed the creep — Sims then came up with a malevolent new video statement pretending in a few words at the end that he was sort of apologizing and "would do better."

It was pure garbage because the majority of the video was prefaced by a long string of amazingly fanciful smears against pro-life protesters, unsubstantiated both in his recounting and in his earlier video.  See, he was so distressed by these brutal thuggy protesters blocking women's access to the abortion clinic that he couldn't help himself, and his calls to doxx teens just kind of flew out his mouth, he wanted you to think.  His disgustingness was supposed to be understandable, given all the dreadful things he claims to have witnessed from pro-life groups in the past, which is rubbish.  If pro-lifers ever try to block abortion clinics or harass women getting abortions, they're hauled off in the paddy wagons for a stretch in the county jail.  Infantilizing himself as a good boy as a sort of afterthought, he then promised to 'do better.'

The fact that he needed to add that yes, he was a Planned Parenthood clinic 'patient escort' but this time just acting as a concerned citizen and neighbor tells us he was probably hearing from Planned Parenthood, and the organization didn't want his act associated with it.  And in reality, the abortion organization probably had good legal reasons: Sims did something very endangering to children in the organization's name — and it's quite possible he's going to get sued, just as the Covington kids sued the press and the archdiocese that smeared them and will probably win.  He also drew a lot of bad press for himself and his fellow Democrats, who are already being billed as extremists for their championship of the cause for moment-of-birth abortions.  One can only hope that if this is the case, such potential consequences teach Sims, in a way his own secondary smears don't, to 'do better.' 

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