Didn't the media say Trump is using his office to enrich himself?

For the last two years, the media have been complaining that Donald Trump was violating the Constitution's emoluments clause and enriching himself.  There has been a series of nuisance lawsuits because heaven forbid people from foreign countries be staying at or playing at Trump properties.  There is no indication that Trump is charging anyone extra or handing out favors for them staying there, but the lawsuits and garbage stories go on. 

Under those rules, no one who owns businesses that have any foreign customers need apply for the presidency.  That way, only career politicians can win. 

Now the Washington Post and others are running stories cheering that Trump's businesses are faltering.  Shouldn't that show that he isn't using the presidency to enrich himself? 

The media have run fake news stories for over two years about Russian collusion, obstruction when there is no crime, and any number of other things where they are essentially campaigning for Democrats while seeking to destroy Trump and other Republicans.  The truth and the American people haven't mattered for a long time — only putting Democrats back in power, which makes the media much more dangerous to our freedom and the integrity of our elections than anything Russia or China has done or is doing. 

While journalists are up in arms because people from foreign countries are staying at Trump properties, they never cared about Hillary and her family enriching themselves greatly while she was in office, selling access to foreign countries. 

They also didn't care as Obama handed out taxpayer money and jobs to big contributors. 

The media looked the other way as Obama and his team confiscated money from taxpayers and set up slush funds at CFPB, Justice, and the IRS and illegally diverted funds for political purposes and to reward supporters. 

They also didn't care when Obama saved big supporters Google and Netflix huge amounts of money by allowing them to mooch off internet providers when he implemented Net Neutrality.  (Congress did not pass Net Neutrality.  Obama used the stacked FCC to implement the rules.)  Frequently, Obama used his pen and his phone to dictatorially implement things he liked, yet the media didn't deride him as a dictator. 

Google essentially had complete access to Obama through his entire eight-year term and was rewarded handsomely.  How much support did Obama and Democrats get from high-tech companies in political contributions and in unpaid support when they manipulated search results and censured people who have opposing views?

After Obama left office, he and Michelle were awarded a $50-million contract. What a nice kickback.

In summary: The media and other Democrats are claiming that Trump is corrupt and unqualified for the presidency because people from foreign countries happen to stay at hotels with his name on them in the ordinary course of business but were willing to overlook the continuous corruption of Obama, Hillary, and others for eight long years.  The abuse of power, criminal activity, and obstruction of justice were real under Obama.  They are made up charges against Trump.