Desperate media and other Dems generating fake hysteria over Barr as reckoning looms over Russia hoax

Democrats and their media lackeys are going all out to assassinate the character of A.G. Barr, fanning the flames of hysteria.  Anna Stark is correct that "The Democrats are worried. They should be," and because the attorney general has vowed to investigate the origins of spying on a presidential campaign and then a president, they desperately want to discredit him.

Kimberly Strassel of the Wall Street Journal has an excellent take:

The only thing uglier than an angry Washington is a fearful Washington. And fear is what's driving this week's blitzkrieg of Attorney General William Barr. ...

Do not underestimate how many powerful people in Washington have something to lose from Mr. Barr's probe. Among them: Former and current leaders of the law-enforcement and intelligence communities. The Democratic Party pooh-bahs who paid a foreign national (Mr. Steele) to collect information from Russians and deliver it to the FBI. The government officials who misused their positions to target a presidential campaign. The leakers. The media. More than reputations are at risk. Revelations could lead to lawsuits, formal disciplinary actions, lost jobs, even criminal prosecution.

The attacks on Mr. Barr are first and foremost an effort to force him out, to prevent this information from coming to light until Democrats can retake the White House in 2020. As a fallback, the coordinated campaign works as a pre-emptive smear, diminishing the credibility of his ultimate findings by priming the public to view him as a partisan.

Strassel warns that I.G. Horowitz is also going to be attacked.

Natasha Bertrand at Politico last month penned a hit piece on the respected Mr. Horowitz. It's clear the inspector general is asking the right questions. The Politico article acknowledges he's homing in on Mr. Steele's "credibility" and the dossier's "veracity"—then goes on to provide a defense of Mr. Steele and his dossier, while quoting unnamed sources who deride the "quality" of the Horowitz probe, and (hilariously) claim the long-tenured inspector general is not "well-versed" in core Justice Department functions.

House speaker Nancy Pelosi yesterday made a bogus claim that A.G. Barr lied to Congress.  Even the anti-Trump Washington Post debunks the idea that perjury is at issue in his testimony.

But that has not stopped the propagandists, who realize that most of the public will not soberly look at the case.  Rep. Eric Swalwell, who still hasn't offered the "hard evidence" he claimed to possess of the Trump campaign treasonously conspiring with Russia, is calling for impeachment proceedings to begin.

To understand the case being made to low-information voters, nobody is better than comedian Caryn Jackson, who culturally appropriated a Jewish name, Whoopi Goldberg.  Yesterday, on The View, addressing an audience primarily made up of women who are at home and watching daytime TV, Jackson claimed that Barr is lying for Trump and, projecting exactly what the Democrats attempted, that there is a coup underway.

The basic problem that the Dems have now is that the storyline has become simple and direct: Obama administration officials used the FBI, the NSA, the CIA, and other national security organs to spy on a rival campaign and then undermine an elected president.  They desperately want their followers to ignore the evidence that is on its way.

Image credit: Grabien screen grab.