Democrats hold heartland disaster areas hostage to more pork for Puerto Rico

President Trump has tweeted a nasty problem coming from the Democrats:

The president is referencing news reports showing that pork-loving Democrats are effectively holding Midwestern states awaiting flood relief and Western states awaiting wildfire relief hostage in a bid to secure more pork to Puerto Rico, which still remains un-rebuilt after 2016's Hurricane Maria.

Here's the CNN report:

It's been more than a month since the Senate failed to advance competing relief proposals — one from Republicans and one from Democrats — amid a partisan dispute over how much assistance to give to Puerto Rico.  In their proposal, Democrats pressed for more aid than Republicans and the President wanted to provide.

The President on Monday accused Democrats of "blocking much needed disaster relief" to states over aid to Puerto Rico. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer responded to the President by saying that "Democrats believe in meeting the needs of all disaster survivors."

Senate Republicans made a new offer to Democrats last week that included additional aid to Puerto Rico beyond what Republicans had initially proposed, but it's unclear whether that will be able to break the stalemate.

The offer includes roughly $300 million for community development block grants for disaster recovery in Puerto Rico, according to a Senate GOP aide. That would come in addition to the $600 million in nutrition assistance for Puerto Rico that was included in the initial Republican proposal that failed to advance in the Senate last month.

The 'community development block grants' the Democrats say isn't good enough ought to give anyone the willies, given that it sounds like cash for community organizers, not infrastructure rebuilding funds.

I'm no expert on this, but this kind of money fight sounds like the sort of program that is renewable and growable, a cash cow whose coffers can always be refilled.  It doesn't sound like hospital reconstruction.  For Democrats, it makes sense because the less they rebuild that island, the more money they can keep asking for.  As long as Puerto Rico remains unbuilt, it's a useful lever for the securing of pork — and the Puerto Rican vote in New York, New Jersey, and Florida.  Now it has another add-on: Democrats holding the less politically useful flyover states hostage in a bid to get more money for a place that never seems to ever get rebuilt — despite that $91 billion President Trump has cited.

After all, Orange Man Bad.  Trump's Katrina — it's a cottage industry.  And they've got the press on their side, carrying water for this 'narrative' instead of the real one — that President Trump has been exceptionally generous to Puerto Rico's rebuilding effort and somehow money in the hands of local leftists means nothing gets done except for more requests for aid. 

The news accounts do say that there are some very tough times for Puerto Rican people awaiting medical care in remote places with damaged hospitals — this Washington Post report cites a poor woman trying to get to chemotherapy, for instance, who had to wait 32 hours at the dock to a distant hospital — because Puerto Rican officials hadn't got the local hospital rebuilt.  Did the Post ask local officials why they couldn't allow this woman to go to the front of the ferry line, something that could have spared her some suffering without any cost whatsoever?  Nope.  The agenda in the piece was to Blame Trump for the whole thing.  Nothing mentioned about the island's existing fiscal crisis pre-hurricane, which left the place run down.  No questions about leftist Puerto Rican officials' incompetence and mismanagement, which has seen a smattering of news stories many months earlier.

Just blame Trump to support the Democrats.  Now Democrats are holding other states hostage.  Who says Democrats can't be creative?  This is an amazing new way of politicizing aid.  And it's incredibly shameful.

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