Dan Crenshaw and Ilhan Omar: a tale of two House freshmen

Saul Alinksy taught two generations of American leftists to “personalize” and “polarize” political issues. Conservatives have an opportunity to do just that, in the form of two freshmen members of Congress.  Two new faces in the House of Representatives have become symbols of the widening political divide in the United States, as the Democrats rush headlong toward socialism and identity politics, while the Republicans affirm the Constitution and free markets as the path forward for our Republic. Fox News screen grab via YouTube Ilhan Omar, who represents my old home town of Minneapolis in Congress, has garnered a huge amount of media attention as the first Somali-American in Congress and because they like her dogmatic leftism. That she is an attractive woman who wears a hijab and and sports a nice smile helps a lot. Dan Crenshaw, who represents a suburban Houston district and sports an eye patch from a combat injury while serving our country...(Read Full Post)