Chick-fil-A wins again

A few years ago, one of my sons brought home a promotion coupon from Chick-fil-A.  As I recall, the local restaurant was helping the football team raise money.  So we went, bought their sandwich meal, and have loved it ever since.

Around here, the restaurant is always in the middle of every fundraiser.  It's clear that they take their community roles very seriously.

In Texas, the angry left decided to declare war on the restaurant chain.  The city of San Antonio went so far as to ban the restaurant from its airport.

Why?  Are the people running Chick-fil-A selling poisoned food?  Are they discriminating against anyone by telling some to eat in the back?  Are the bathrooms for whites only?  Do they fire employees for speaking Spanish?  Do they force you to quote the Bible before you order one of their meals?  Do they preach politics, as ESPN does?  Do they force you to sign an affidavit confirming that you share their views on anything?

On the contrary, they take your order, and a nice man comes around to check on the food.

They made the Left angry because the ownership is pro-American and the stores are closed on Sunday.  They are also very traditional, as John Hinderaker wrote.

So how does the Left react when they don't like something?

Do they start their own chicken sandwich places?  No.  They choose to destroy the people they don't like.

Thankfully, Governor Greg Abbott will sign the "Chick-fil-A law," which will "prevent any government entity from taking 'adverse actions' against any individual or business for their 'membership in, affiliation with, or contribution, donation or other support to a religious organization" and put this latest example of "leftist intolerance" to rest for now.  Yes, for now.  Who knows what other enterprise has a target on its back?

Once upon a time, we had liberals like Senator Hubert Humphrey and V.P. Walter Mondale.  They called for social legislation and fought hard for what they believed in.  Today's liberals want to tell you where to eat and push their ways in your face.

Something is very wrong when people can't enjoy life and buy chicken sandwiches without pushing their politics.

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