Birds of a feather: Why are so many Democrats so reprehensible in exactly the same way?

Observing the events of the past two years, the past month since the release of the Mueller report, and the last few days of contempt charges, it is impossible to miss the defining characteristics of the most repugnant Democrats driving the impeach Trump campaign.

Pelosi, Swalwell, Schiff, Blumenthal, Nadler, Cohen, Waters, Harris, Booker, et al. are of a piece.  Each of them seems to possess an almost identical and wholesale lack of any character at all.  Each of them is vicious to the core.  Each of them is either wholly unaware of his own hypocrisy, as in falsely accusing Attorney General William Barr of contempt, when those who were in Congress at the time were hysterical when Attorney General Eric Holder was found to be in contempt of Congress.  Or they assume the American people are ignorant and unable to discern the deviousness of their plan to destroy Trump.

Holder actually was in contempt of Congress for authentic scandals involving deaths of Americans, such as Operation Fast and Furious.  Barr is not.  Unlike Holder, Barr is the smartest lawyer in the room.  He knows, as does any sentient legal scholar, that to give the House Judiciary Committee what they are asking for — names of intelligence assets, legally protected grand jury testimony — would be breaking the law.  The Democrats with their handmaidens in the media are manufacturing a "constitutional crisis" simply to hound the president and prolong the collusion hoax as long as possible.

Curiously, Trump does not seem to be at all concerned.  Hmmm.  Could it be that the president sees this throng of sociopaths for exactly who they are: unscrupulous to the shallow depth of their soulless beings?  These people are about one thing alone: their own political power.  To that end, they have no knowledge or grasp of right and wrong.  Like the malignant narcissists they are, they are unable to consider the damage they do, to the country and to people, both groups and individuals.

Likewise, the criminals who invented and perpetrated the Russia collusion hoax are equally unable to see themselves as they are: corrupt and treasonous.  Like the Democrats in Congress, and their counterparts in the media, this coterie of thugs felt absolutely justified in breaking countless laws and abrogating the Constitution to prevent Trump from taking office.  One of Dennis Prager's most oft repeated quotes is that "those who do not confront evil resent those who do."

Trump has done an immense amount of good throughout his life.  He builds things, he has employed hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world, and he decided that the U.S. needed some fixing after the damage done by Obama.  So he ran for the office of president.  The Left, even those among the Left who knew him and liked him, hated him from that moment on with the "white hot passion of a thousand suns" (Cheers).  They apparently decided then and there that he would never be president.  Like the schemers in the old film Seven Days in May, their arrogance exceeded their intelligence.  Their contempt for the president and his supporters is the very definition of bigoted intolerance.  They hate Trump because he is not one of them; he is a better man, a better father, a better president, and they know it.

There is another quote of Prager's that is appropriate here: "If we continue to teach about tolerance and intolerance instead of good and evil, we will end up with tolerance of evil."  For the past fifty years, the imposition of multiculturalism and all that it has entailed, two generations have been taught that tolerance of all things must supersede all other values.  Ergo, we've arrived at a place in which the bulk of one of our two political parties has, if inadvertently, embraced evil in the name of tolerance — radical Islam, all variations of sexual orientation including pedophilia, the absolutist notion that all minorities are victims, all women are victims.  We must now accept the trope that all white men are bad, a blight on civilized society.  How destructive is this to our country?  It is devastating, and they do it purposefully, these Democrats.  They have become the embodiment of Cloward-Piven and Saul Alinsky.  They want to destroy what the founders created, the greatest, freest nation on the planet.  At least it used to be. 

Our left has done such terrible damage over the years. They have destroyed academia, especially our once  great universities.  Few of them today permit free speech or freedom from the forced acceptance of all things politically correct.  They no longer value critical thinking, so they do not teach it.  They indoctrinate.  Students who deviate from the new rules that seem to have leapt off the pages of Orwell's 1984 will be harassed, punished.  They have terrorized the young with their frightening exhortations of man-caused global warming hysteria. They are working hard to obliterate the absolute truth of gender. Science and biology be damned. It is into this moment in time that Trump was miraculously elected to the absolute horror of the Democrats. Their behavior since that day has been monstrous. They've lost their minds and have behaved badly from that day forward. Now they are just pathetic, an embarrassment to this country. These Democrats, the ones who so virulently attack and lie about Trump, are worse than ethically challenged; they are congenitally predisposed to be hateful. The lot of them should be so ashamed of themselves, but they're not. They are birds of feather and a loathsome bird it is.

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