Bernie Sanders promises higher taxes to pay for 'Medicare for all'

I give Bernie Sanders a lot of credit for being honest about his political beliefs and intentions.  Not only is he openly socialist, but he also is open about his desire to stick it to taxpayers to pay for his dreams.  Best of all, his honesty can be used against all the other Dems running for president supporting Medicare for all.  

Yesterday, in a TV interview in Iowa, he admitted that not only would Medicare for all end private insurance, but people would pay higher taxes for it.  Here is a two-minute video from Channel 8 in Des Moines, which, the interviewer notes, is the "second largest" insurance industry center:


The Right Scoop summarizes:

"There are people who would like to keep their private insurance," says the reporter interviewing Sanders. She asks "Is that possible under that plan?"

Bernie responded with a quick "NO" before singing the praises of the current Medicare program.

He goes on to say that "what Medicare For All does is it eliminates your private health insurance…premiums."

And directly follows that with:

You're not going to be paying that. You're not going to be paying co-payments. You're not going to be paying deductibles. …Will you be paying more in taxes? Yes you will!"

The last Democrat who ran for president promising higher taxes was Walter Mondale:

It should be noted that Mondale lost 49 states to Reagan, winning only his home state of Minnesota.  Well, at least Minnesota has more electoral votes than Vermont.

Incidentally, it looks to me as though Bernie is already showing some wear and tear from the grueling demands of a presidential campaign.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.