And now Joe 'de-Hydes'?

We are watching a rather sad movie, or the rewriting of Joe Biden's résumé.  Once upon a time, he said some interesting things about Anita Hill, immigration chaos, and late-term abortion.

That was Joe B.T., or Joe Biden before Trump. Now, it's Joe AT — after Trump.

Frankly, Joe B.T. was better.  At least he was speaking from the heart.  Joe A.T. is just pandering to a party hijacked by the Left.  (Let's stop calling these people liberals, please.)

The latest change is over the Hyde Amendment, as John McCormack wrote:

In what may be his first major move to the left on policy as a 2020 presidential candidate, Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden has endorsed repealing the Hyde amendment, a measure that prohibits federal funding of abortion except in cases of rape, incest, or when the mother's life is endangered.

"It can't stay," Biden said of the Hyde amendment during an exchange with an ACLU activist earlier this month. The video of the exchange was posted by the ACLU on Twitter on May 8th but has drawn little attention since then (it was flagged by Washington Post reporter David Weigel on Sunday evening).

This is sick and it makes V.P. Biden look bad.

First, it won't work with the party's crazy leftist base because they won't believe the flip-flopping.

Second, it won't work in the general election because he will look like a man who just reads polls.

Maybe V.P. Biden will win the nomination or win the presidency.  He may also melt when the activists start challenging his authenticity.

Stick to your principles, Joe, or the Trump campaign will tear you up using your own words.

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