Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets even more unpopular in her home district

Apparently, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's famous chase-out of Amazon was not a one-day story, at least not for her Bronx and Queens voters in District 14 who got stiffed of those job opportunities thanks to the socialist "it" girl.

They're still thinking about it, still remembering, according to the "Stop the AOC PAC," which focuses its resources on finding a way to get her out of there, and now she sports a mere 20% "favorable" rating.  According to the Daily Caller:

"We saw that the district is for the Green New Deal and some of her other policies," Backer said. "But they're wildly opposed to her with regard to Amazon, the reality of the jobs and the opportunities that she cost them. She screwed over the local economy in a big way, and screwed over her voters."

Data collected by canvassers for the Stop The AOC PAC, from over 700 homes in her district, indicated that Ocasio-Cortez may have other weaknesses, as well. Despite enjoying a reasonable level of nation-wide fame — or infamy — on-the-ground polling suggested that the freshman lawmaker was not terribly popular or even well-known in her own district.

The data showed that over a third of the households surveyed weren't familiar with Ocasio-Cortez, and 44% had an unfavorable view of her. Only 20% had a favorable view of the freshman lawmaker.

But the issue that truly made her vulnerable, according to Backer, was her vocal opposition to the Amazon HQ deal that was scrapped several months earlier.

The Daily Caller piece has several interesting charts and graphs showing Ocasio-Cortez's downward slide among these voters, which obviously isn't recovering.  Ocasio-Cortez hasn't been paying much attention to her district, even with a poll a couple months ago showing that President Trump was more popular in her state than she was.  It also reveals that the district has a high count of politically unengaged people, voters who don't even know who she is, which, from her point of view, isn't such good news, as it means they can easily vote for the next guy or stay home if their annoyance with Ocasio-Cortez lasts.  They are annoyed, and now the charts are showing that her unpopularity is lingering.

Interestingly enough, she hasn't tried to rectify this.  She chased out a big company that offers good salaries and benefits to locals in the name of being anti-corporation, and she still hasn't apologized or tried to offer New Yorkers something concretely better.  In New York, home of big corporations, that's pretty stupid.  All she does is talk about a Green New Deal, which got no votes in a Senate count.  The Amazon thing is something she must expect will go away.  And it's not going away — it's what New Yorkers bring up every time her name comes up.  For any pol, that's not good.

Even the much loathed Bill de Blasio was angry at Ocasio-Cortez on this matter.  Unpopular as he is, he knew enough to know that this was not going to wash with New Yorkers.

The other thing is, and this is anecdotal, but it's commonly known, too, that politicians are expected to bring home the bacon in New York.  I've lived in Queens and the Bronx myself and anecdotally know that for all New Yorkers' liberalism, there's a grainy insistence on common sense on economic matters — and you don't see this in blue cities such as San Francisco, which I have also 'experienced.'  New Yorkers do care about local issues in 'da neighbahood,' and any pol who tosses them and their priorities overboard in the name of either national or (worse still) Manhattan priorities is going to get smacked. 

We can roughly see the outlines of this forming now in the Ocasio-Cortez boroughs. 

One can balance the fact that the poll was done by a PAC and that the PAC is politically motivated to find something negative to say about Ocasio-Cortez along these lines, but the fact that the PAC managed to interview 700 households in one congressional district is a significant counterweight.  That's a meaty sample for a congressional district, which would tend to suggest its conclusions are on target.

So much as we'd like Ocasio-Cortez to stay, given her usefulness to conservatives on the national stage, it's heartening to see some semblance of sanity in our fellow New Yorkers, liberal as they are otherwise.  We all know New Yorkers we can relate to outside politics, because they have this sort of sanity.  One hopes this makes Ocasio-Cortez pretty miserable up until she becomes a 'remember her?' flash in the pan in coming years.

Image credit: Corey Torpie via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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