After shocking election results, maybe Australia's insane environmentalist kick is finally over

The proposed Adani mine in Australia has been wading through a green swamp of political obstacles for nine long years.  Other coal optimists have struggled to develop coal in the Galilee Basin for over 40 years.  Federal Labor, State Labor, and the Greens have taken turns to man the anti-coal barricades. In these bad new days, before anyone can open a mine, he needs multiple approvals, each one providing opportunities for do-nothing activists to raise new hurdles at every hearing.  The whole process of judicial judgments and reviews, enquiries, objections, and hearings has been a gold mine for lawyers and barristers and a bottomless pit into which mine optimists throw money. Nine years ago, Labor premier Anna Bligh declared Adani "a significant project for Queensland." The Queensland co-ordinator general gave Adani approval to proceed in 2014. The federal government also gave its approval to proceed in 2014, but that approval was set...(Read Full Post)
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