A closer look at the Church of Woke

According to pastor and author Eric Mason, Christians, especially those of the Caucasian variety, must heed the urgent call to confront racism and injustice.  How shall we heed this call?  Through a redistribution of wealth and resources, suggests Mason.

The woke church has been identified as the primary beneficiary of the spoils of white guilt and racial capitulation.  Where there is peace, there must also be reparation, according to the political philosophy of the religiously veiled cultural Marxist. 

Wokism comprises sincere and insincere adherents.  Both groups are equally mistaken. 

It's easy to make accusations and point fingers without any true regard for biblical foundations and practical implications.  If a call to action lacks a true biblical foundation, all practical applications are moot, especially if the areas of concern lack specificity.

Nonetheless, opportunists like Walter Strickland, a professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, have devoted their academic careers to the subtle promotion of James Cone and critical race theory.  Strickland recently acknowledged that when relating to conservative white congregations, he refrains from mentioning Cone by name, "because I don't want to put unnecessary stumbling blocks in their way."

Mason and Strickland can manufacturer whatever reality they want, but at the end of the day, phrases like "whiteness" and "white church" are racist terms indicative of a heretical ideology. There is no moral authority or moral high ground to which they may rightly lay claim.  All bias and prejudice is a bidirectional symptom of the sinful condition. 

Their failure to clearly and distinctly define their terms will only reap confusion.  Those in opposition rightly suspect that the true intent of the disciples of woke lies in a mission-drift undermining of orthodoxy.  Can the proponents of wokism even bring themselves to acknowledge this legitimate concern?

If there is anything systematic in America in this day and age, it is the depravity of man.  The true gospel needn't be shredded for righteousness to be sought and declared.  Justice has become a loaded, dirty word.  The economic elite and political establishment who remain above the law are living testimonies to the fact that justice is easily perverted and manipulated.

The swamp is expanding into all facets of society.  To whom else shall we go?

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