Yuma, AZ mayor declares state of emergency as migrants inundate the city

The mayor of Yuma, Arizona has declared a local state of emergency due to the flood of migrants, released from custody, who are overwhelming his city and is asking the federal government for help.

Yuma mayor Douglas Nicholls said the crisis is overtaxing the city's ability to care for the flood of released immigration detainees — many of them families — who have filled the shelters to capacity, with more coming every day.

Fox News:

"I am calling upon the federal government to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Yuma, as our NGO's are overcapacity and cannot sustain providing this aid," the post said.

Nicholls, in a video, laid out his reasoning behind the declaration, saying that he ultimately feels that its what's best for both Yuma and the incoming migrants.

"So it's with a heavy heart that I declare that we're at this point but it is something that I believe we need to do to make sure that our community is maintained and that the human rights of all the migrants are also maintained and that we have a path forward that respects both," he said.

The city of Yuma, Ariz., also tweeted about the proclamation, citing Nicholls, claiming that released migrants were coming into the area faster than they were leaving.

During a recent visit to El Paso, U.S. Customs and Border Protection commissioner Kevin K. McAleenan said the border has hit its "breaking point."  It appears that Yuma has gone past that.  When Donald Trump declared a state of national emergency at our southern border, Democrats accused him of playing politics.  I wonder what they think now.

Just a few days ago, Democratic rep. Xochitl Torres Small refused to say whether there is a crisis at the border.  If Democrats do acknowledge the situation, they blame Trump for it. 

Meanwhile, the situation grows worse by the day.  Border towns like Yuma are doing the best they can, but since sanctuary cities won't take the migrants, there is literally nowhere else for them to go.  A broken system simply dumps those released from detention with no thought of where they might go or how to take care of them.  So it is left to cities like Yuma to bear the brunt of congressional stupidity.

Every move made by the administration to address this crisis is challenged in court by open borders advocates who don't care about the starving migrants — only about getting as many people across the border as they can.  Once here, they can be held for only a limited period of time before the courts say they must be released.  Once released, it is up to local communities to feed, house, and clothe them, putting a massive strain on local resources.

Congress sits and twiddles its thumbs, playing the blame game, while everyone else involved is suffering the consequences.