Why do the least-bright people rise to the top?

For over two years, we have been tormented or delighted, depending on one's political preference, by the opinions and or declarations avowing President Trump's guilt with regard to collusion with Russia.  It was all a made-up scam from the beginning, but the media and the leftist loons have beaten this dead horse relentlessly in the fervid hope it would see Trump forced from the office he legitimately won.  

Our horrific media who has long worked hand in glove with the Democrats, has spent hundreds of hours, over 500,000 columns, articles and op-eds asserting Trump's guilt.  It was all a hoax from the outset, fabricated within a few days of Hillary 's loss to Trump.  Most of those who got on board the Russia collusion hoax knew it was a lie from day one.  But they embraced the lie wholeheartedly.  

Anything, any plan, any course of action, any sacrifice of one's moral sense, was on the table, worth the risk, worth the selling of one's soul to the devil.  Trump should not have won so the forces in positions of power worked together to undo his candidacy, then his election, then his inauguration, and then his presidency.  Who did all these things?  The people who rose to power in the principal law enforcement agencies in America. 

What do we know now?  We know that they - Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Strozk, Page, and the rest of their chosen cohorts at the FBI , CIA, & DOJ - colluded to destroy Trump by any means necessary.  They employed every means they had at their disposal, no matter how unconstitutional, illegal, immoral or venal.  

Why?  The obvious answer is that Trump was/is an outsider, not a member of their elite, exclusive "we are the best of the best" club self-appointed to run the country, to decide how the rest of us should and will live.  These people, this cabal that set out to undo the 2016 election, absolutely believe they are smarter, better, more entitled, more privileged by birthright than the rest of us. The question is why do they seem to be the least bright people on the public stage?  They attempted a coup and thought they could get away with it.  How dumb is that?

We Americans are blessed by and with the influence of many brilliant people who write, speak and affect our culture in a good way.  But most of them do not hold elected offices.  Oh, there are some in Congress:  Tom Cotton, Mike Lee, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Mark Meadows, Devin Nunes, and Ted Cruz to name the obvious few, but of 535 members of Congress this is a sad commentary.  There are a few others but only a few.  

The rest of them, especially those on the Democrat side of the aisle, are self-interested, power-hungry chumps who could not care less about their constituents, the American people -- or about the survival of the country.  They care only about their next election; who will donate and how many dollars will they fork over?  

They aim to please those people, not "we the people."   The Clintons, as everyone knows by now, were always and only about the money.  Their allegedly charitable "foundation" was a crude front for their raking in millions for pay-to-play schemes.  And they are walking around as free people living large while Gen. Flynn has lost his home to the vicious Mueller "investigation" that was really only a cover-up assignment.

Those of us who love this country and our Constitution are treated to the work of truly brilliant people each and every day:  Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Dennis Prager, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, Victor Davis Hanson, Jack Wheeler, Conrad Black, Roger Kimball, Roger Simon, Daniel Greenfield, Mollie Hemingway, Heather McDonald, Sarah Carter, John Solomon, among the most prominent.  There are many others.  

Why are the people who lack intelligence, common sense and true patriotism the ones elected to office and the men and women who are actually not only smart but wise left to educate and encourage the rest of us with their words of wisdom but not from positions of power?  Can it be that they are too smart to run for office?  Indeed.

Why would a truly intelligent and informed person, knowledgeable about world and American history, want to subject himself or herself to the cesspool that is American politics?  Why put their family at risk of a reputational assault like Brett Kavanaugh suffered?  Remember what Clarence Thomas endured at the hands of a racist left that could not abide a brilliant black conservative.  The Left embraces, has long embraced, thugs like Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Tom Perez, Tom Steyer, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Sheldon Whitehouse, Dick Blumenthal, but rises to blubbering outrage at Trump!   Donald Trump is the nicest, most authentic real man when compared to the throng of leftist thugs.  He may not be the most eloquent of presidential speakers, but he is the real deal, a real man in the true sense of the word; imperfect but in the end selfless, a true patriot and a great President. 

That the greatest nation on the planet has to suffer fools like Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, Maxine Waters, Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, every anchor at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC, Bill Maher, all the late-night not-comics, celebrities who pay to get their kids into colleges they would not be admitted to on their own merit, is a tragedy, the tragedy of wealth and success.  Our left bothers itself with mounting numbers of gender identities, intersectionality, non-sensical notions about race (they now support segregation), and the thoroughly idiotic obsession with climate change.   

This is the plight of a wealthy nation.  The leftists have to invent things to be mad about.  There can never be happiness, gratitude for what our nation has accomplished and provided to the rest of the world.  No.  There can only be anger, dissatisfaction and rage against old crimes, slights and perceived offenses.    

That is what the left traffics in, rage at counterfeit crimes, transgressions committed by long-dead people, even if they worked tirelessly to bring about change.  The Founders wanted and knew slavery would come to an end. They hoped it would not take war, but it did.  Does the rabid left acknowledge this?  Never.  For them, if we are not people of color, we are all guilty to the end of our days.   This is why so few of the really smart people are in Congress; only the truly brave go there.  The rest of our treasured brilliants try to educate us with their wise words.  For them we must be eternally grateful.

Photo credit: croppped from Gage Skiddmore

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