White people must repent?

On a recent podcast, Christian apologist and Reformed theologian James White covered Ekemini Uwan's comments at the annual Sparrow Conference, where she presented on the "wickedness of whiteness."  Uwan graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary and under the guise of true religion pushes critical theory and liberation theology.  Uwan used her time at the podium as an opportunity to tell the truth about whiteness, which is a central pillar of the racial caste system.

It is sad how radical activists such as Uwan are using Christianity to purposely advance destructive, divisive ideology.  I wonder who sponsors such efforts.  It also makes me question how well Westminster Theological Seminary is screening potential students and instructors so as not to legitimize such Bible-blending ideological insanity.

Folks like Uwan are sowing much confusion, and keen critics of unbiblical, irrational doctrine and theology, such as James White, are taking note while refusing to check their whiteness at the door.  White, in particular, references Uwan's toxic rhetoric to describe how "the over-arching purpose of the infusion of critical theory categories into all of culture is to divide, atomize, and destroy foundational cultural concepts so as to 'remake' society in the way desired by the elites." 

I'm sure most Americans would be more than willing to hear accurate statistics and verifiable personal accounts of racism and stand by all men facing acts of oppression in and out of the church.  However, we will not let the media, progressive activists, or cultural change agents manipulate holy writ in their attempt to further empower secular and religious elites who hate the gospel and the natural order of things. 

Without tangible facts and clear language, all that remains is confusion.  There are some who prefer it that way, I fear.

To fight for justice often implies making use of civil authorities and public institutions, and frankly, I don't trust their intentions.  We are granted the freedom to help the weak, oppressed, and disadvantaged, not because of some agenda-driven ideological, political guilt trip dependent on religious manipulation and infiltration, but because it's the right thing to do.  The gospel, properly applied, covers all of this. 

Our own sense of justice and righteousness void of a moral, equally applied standard will ultimately be skewed and personally advantageous.  The human condition doesn't change, regardless of the color of our skin or what side of the power structure we find ourselves on.