When unvaccinated Jewish kids are more dangerous than unvaccinated illegal aliens

When Mayor de Blasio declares an emergency, then, by golly, it is truly an emergency.  Notwithstanding the deluge of tens of thousands of illegal aliens streaming across the southern U.S. border and the president's declaration of a national emergency to stem the flow, a mere 250 unvaccinated Yeshiva students in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn is a DEFCON-3, drop-dead emergency of the highest order.

Mayor Bill is demanding proof of immunization under threat of private school closures and fines of $1,000 per violator.  "We have a situation now where children are in danger.  We have to take this seriously.  Every one of us has to feel responsibility for the situation because measles is so contagious, can spread so quickly," de Blasio said at news conference at a Williamsburg library on Tuesday morning.

Of course, the same Mayor Bill recoils at the mere suggestion of demanding proof of citizenship from tens of thousands of non–U.S. citizens waltzing across the southern border...much less an immunization record from each.  The leading cause of death for U.S. citizens under the age of fifty is not measles, but the illegal use of fentanyl, which pours in across the southern border by the truckload.  Yet Brooklyn is under Mayor Bill's martial law, while the border is come one, come all.

There is a workaround for families who wish to become Brooklyn "dodgers" of Mayor Bill's vaccination crackdown: send the Yeshiva kids on a field trip to Mexico, and simply let them walk across the border back into the U.S.  No one will dare ask them for their immunization record, and the cultural enrichment exercise will certainly merit extra credit.

Image: Public Advocate Bill de Blasio via Flickr.