Trump unleashed: Ready to roll on moving migrant surge to sanctuary cities

Talk about 'in your face.' Trump is doubling down on moving the migrant surge exclusively to sanctuary cities, forcing leftists to put their money where their mouths are. Want to offer sanctuary to all comers and tell everyone how virtuous and wonderful you are, so unlike Trump? Fine, pay for it, and with 1.5 million unvetted migrants set to pour in, rest assured, the bill is going to be big. Here is his latest string of tweets:







In a way, it's the only option Trump has left, given the web of leftist judges, goodie-offering cities and states, open-borders activists and NGOs, and loudmouth politicians who've played the critical role in incentivizing these migrations.

Mexican authorities warn these coming caravans of illegals seeking to claim asylum are now are loaded with people projecting 'hostile attitudes' demanding instant entry and free benefits, breaking gates when things don't go their way. A couple days ago, they broke through a barrier to gain entry into Mexico and now they are headed here, leftist judges and socialist congresspeople ushering them in.

Let the virtue-signalers pay for that one. 

Or maybe, as Trump seems to want as an alternative, they can change the asylum law. That's their other choice.

What we are seeing here is Trump forcing these leftists to live with the consequences of their own choices. It may feel good to call one's city "a welcoming city," as Chula Vista has done, but all of this welcoming comes with costs, high costs, because importing poverty is expensive. Maybe they have better uses for their 'resources' than paying for the entire third world's uneducated single moms with kids in tow with the taxpayer money they otherwise would use to pay bureaucratic pensions and their green schemes. Up to them.

Forcing leftists to live with their own choices and keeping law-abiding Americans out of it is frankly a brilliant idea. Each and every sanctuary city now has a target self-painted on its back. They want to be virtuous about illegals, they can find a way to pay for it. This separation of consequences is something new and bodes well for the majority of the Americans who want rule of law to mean something in the U.S. It would be interesting if Trump dumps the illegals onto House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's actual doorstep or the doorsteps of leftist judges as the new arrivals seek 'services' and begin their crime sprees.

It's also interesting because it seemingly came about by accident. In a tut-tutting story, the left-leaning Daily Beast (and a few others) reported that the White House and the Department of Homeland Security leadership got into an email scrap over whether to do this, shortly before the top Homeland Security leadership was ousted. It seemed like just an idea thrown out there.

But in the last few days, as word got out, obviously the White House got some extremely positive feedback from voters about it.

Now Trump is moving full speed ahead at something he actually can do as chief executive and based on his first tweet, probably won't be thwarted by left-wing judges and activists. What are they going to do? Block the buses full of illegals the way the city of Murietta did? Something tells me they don't want that kind of coverage Murietta got.

As California's last governor, Jerry Brown told California's many illegals: 'You're all welcome in California.' Now his state, led by his hand-picked successor, is about to "experience" (as the hippies say) just what that means.


Image credit: WClarke, via Wikimedia // CC BY-SA 4.0

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