Too many school teachers hate capitalism – and are vowing to get rid of Trump in 2020

School teachers are the largest single occupational group contributing to socialist Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign.  As Breitbart notes, “A disproportionate number of those to whom we have entrusted the task of passing our values on to the next generation disagree with those values and would prefer a “revolution.” So many school teachers in North Carolina joined Marxist May Day protests organized by #RedforEd, the four largest school districts shut down for the day. #RedforEd talks about higher wages and Medicare for all.  They pretend to be bi-partisan.  They are anything but mainstream: A well-funded and subversive leftist movement of teachers in the United States threatens to tilt the political balance nationwide in the direction of Democrats across the country as Republicans barely hang on in key states that they need to hold for President Donald Trump to win re-election and for Republicans to have a shot at retaking the...(Read Full Post)
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