Tiny Malta punches above its weight for a free civilization -- again

Does the tiny nation of Malta need some tourism or someone to buy its products, some extra defense help, or maybe a Hollywood movie celebrating it? Can we do something for them? I wish I could tell for sure, because right now, the only sentiment to describe the tiny state is one of awe and gratitude.

National Security Advisor John Bolton had a great tweet about it:



Thing is, Russia had this grand plan to prop up Venezuela's floundering socialist dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro as its means of tweaking Uncle Sam. It's strategically a very bad idea, given that the Russian public isn't interested in this (they weren't even interested in retaking Ukraine), while among Venezuelans, it makes Russia an utter enemy, given the gargantuan numbers of them who oppose the socialist dictatorship, and worse still, the fact that the dictatorship would be no match for them were it not for Russia and would otherwise topple. It's something that is going to sour Russian-Venezuelan relations for a long time if opposition eventually wins, which Moscow ought to be planning for and isn't. Instead, Russia has forged ahead with this stupid plan, and while it has plenty of money and technology for it, its vulnerability is in the logistics -- in the creating of the necessary supply lines, given the 6,192 mile distance between Moscow and the New World socialist hellhole. (Mileage varies, of course, depending on ports used). Bottom line, Russia wants to do it anyway, showing it can throw its weight around on any global stage - and is relying on the idea that it has the collaborators it needs among the smaller states to enable it to happen.

Malta was a critical one - and Malta said hell no, no port docking for you, throwing a huge spanner into Moscow's masterplan.

Talk about a tiny state that punches above its weight. It's like Singapore - a tiny state that knows what it's about and has the gumption to use leverage at exactly its linchpin advantage points. It's like the Dutch boy, putting his finger in the dyke to save the Netherlands - small but significant -- and the bottom line is, Malta knows very well where its best interests lie.

A lot of small countries don't, and as a result, they get swept into the orbit of tyrants. Not tiny Malta, which not only stands as the cradle of Christianity itself - the first nation ever to convert from paganism to Christianity with the arrival of St. Paul, it also stands as the bulwark against the Nazis in World War II with a notably heroic role there, and lastly, as a major turnback point for the floods of migrants rolling into Europe to change its character. The little country stands like a rock. And for Russia, it's a sharp, painful pebble in its shoe.

In stopping giant Russia from advancing on the New World, it has done the U.S. and the cause of Venezuelan freedom a huge favor, and it's thrilling to see National Security Advisor Bolton making that recognition to the tiny pivotal state which may well go down in history as the country that saved Venezuela and maybe Cuba from eternal socialism.

However we can thank Malta, we need to thank Malta.


Image credit: WikiMedia Commons public domain