The progressive road map

As usual, hard-left progressives are using the road map of their patron saint, the late Saul Alinsky.  It is he who gave progressives instructions for burning down the American system and replacing it with a socialist gulag.

The first stop on his road map to election and control of America is to slither into the brains of those likely to vote for your opponent.  The goal is to mess with voters' minds, on both sides, by appearing other than what they are.  Their offers of free stuff and the environmental Green New Deal are seductive to many.  More insidious is the hoax of "caring" from rich liberal progressives who give less than a twit about the downtrodden.

What could be detrimental about promising to fix climate change?  The Green New Deal endorsed by virtually all the Democrat presidential hopefuls is not just a toothless socialist agenda, but a radical, extremist environmental agenda that poses a genuine threat to our liberties.

If the hoax does not work, the next stop on the road map is to bellyache, investigate, litigate, obfuscate, and deprecate.  Consider St. Alinsky's rule number five that advocates ridicule as man's most potent weapon — e.g., those who disagree with you are stupid, racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, and basically deplorable.

As so often happens, the sanctimonious pretenders from the Left who love to throw out these accusations are eventually revealed as the genuine bigots.  It appears that our president has once again outmaneuvered the hypocrites from the Left.  Trump's thought to flood sanctuary cities with what liberals professed to want has brilliantly shone a spotlight on their hypocrisy.

Why would Democrats oppose what they profess to want?  Illegals are good, a net positive, they claim.  We love them.  We want them.  Yet the reaction to Trump's idea has been ferocious.  They scream that it would be cynical and cruel...inflicting pestilence on the cities.  The moral masquerading from liberal progressives is nothing less than mind-boggling.

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