The price of avocados: Media ignore border debacle to feed us avocado stories

Here at the Mexican border in San Diego, the local television press is always looking for ways to Get Trump. The illegal immigrant sob stories aren't working all that much anymore. So now they're reporting on President Trump's threatened border shutdown over it as a matter of the price of avocados in San Diego.

Here's the suspiciously similar local headlines with the televised reports that went out yesterday: 

Will the US Run Out of Avocados If the Border Closes? -NBC 7

Could America run out of avocados if Trump shuts the U.S.-Mexico border? -Fox 5

We'll run out of avocados in 3 weeks if President Trump closes the border -ABC 10 / Associated Press

VERIFY: Will we really run out of avocados if President Trump closes the border? -ABC10

Here's an additional video full of b-roll images from CBS News, probably not local, nor for that matter, even news, just a propaganda film.

Obviously, the intent is to create a unified voice to whip up opposition to Trump's vow to shut the U.S.-Mexican border on public hysteria grounds, supposedly because we San Diegans just can't possibly live without our guac and margaritas, we're too la-la over here, and someone messing with our avocado supply should be enough to trigger the fury of Surfer Dude Nation.

It's insulting, and I say this as a huge fan of Mexican avocados, which I do consume every single day.

They're doing this as a smoke-screen and a click-bait bid, because they don't want us to pay any attention to the bigger issue out there that President Trump is focused on - that illegal immigration and all its legal loopholes, is costing us more than $100 billion a year, along with uncalculated costs of imported crime, disease, cartel and human smuggler empowerment, and lost opportunities, the natural result of any unvetted entry of large numbers of foreign nationals into a developed country. This year, the U.S. is facing 1.5 million illegal entries from unvetted and undocumented migrants, and U.S. detention centers are overwhelmed and full, forcing authorities to release of 100,000 unvetted people into the interior of the country in just the past three months.

Some intelligent coverage would weigh those greater issues with the price of avocados (NBC 10 has an earlier story that didn't run on the air, which does touch on this weighing of issues, to its credit), instead of just trying to roust the lotus-eaters about messing with their avocado supply.

It's a manipulative picture, done in lockstep, and all about trying to dissuade President Trump from doing anything at all about the out of control border situation. Instead of hollering about avocado prices, how about some reporting about the billions to be paid from impact of human waves in San Diego as more than a million unvetted migrants stream over? How's that going to affect the local crime rate in a place like San Diego? How's that going to affect the schools? What's that going to do to the already bad homeless situation? What's that going to do to the price and availability of health care? Anyone asking?

No such questions asked. Getting Trump is just too important. So now all we have is a manipulative bid to draw viewer eyeballs and whip up ire, with lots and lots of stories about avocados.

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