The Mueller report, at best, shows how the sausage gets made

The saying "how the sausage gets made" is derived from a quote by conservative statesman and first chancellor of Germany Otto von Bismarck.  The original quote: "Laws are like sausages.  It's better not to see them being made."  Bismarck is widely known for his many unique and humorous quotes, but none became more famous than this politically inspired one.  I find this quote quite interesting because of its contextual relevance to "Part 2" of the Mueller report.

Democrats and the liberal MSM have been using Part 2 of the Mueller report to make the case that President Trump obstructed justice.  They point to alleged conversations and observations from executive meetings and communications President Trump had with people in his administration.  The report includes everything from the president's personal reactions to the appointment of a special counsel and A.G. Sessions's recusal to the president allegedly telling his senior legal counsel, Don McGahn, to remove Bob Mueller for conflict of interest and former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski to get A.G. Sessions to resign.

Notwithstanding that Mueller's report tells only the prosecutor's side of the story, and that President Trump says that much of what is in Part 2 of the report is BS, none of the alleged questionable content or directives made by President Trump was ever acted on or carried out.  So it really doesn't matter if what was allegedly said or directed by President Trump is construed as obstruction of justice by Democrats and the liberal MSM.  Te fact remains: Part 1 of Mueller's report specifically states there is zero proof that anything illegal was committed by President Trump or anyone on his campaign team or in his administration.  And Part 2 of the report is a glimpse of what goes on behind closed doors not only in the Trump administration, but in every prior presidential administration as well.  It's how the sausage gets made.

Therein lies the big problem for Democrats and the liberal MSM: there was no crime committed by President Trump — period!  What Democrats and the liberal MSM continue to push to the public is nothing more than evidence of how the sausage gets made in President Trump's administration.

Thankfully, to date, no president has ever been impeached for how the sausage got made in his administration.