Sri Lanka's cardinal calls terrorists 'animals' and says 'punish them mercilessly'

It's not often that you hear from churchmen any signal of righteous anger, but on Sri Lanka, which has a vibrant and growing Church, there is one. Here's what Breitbart News picked up from the local presses: Sri Lanka's highest-ranking Catholic prelate called on the government to hunt down the attackers behind the lethal bombings that killed nearly 300 people Sunday and to "punish them mercilessly." "I would also like to ask the government to hold a very impartial strong inquiry and find out who is responsible behind this act and also to punish them mercilessly, because only animals can behave like that," said Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, the archbishop of Colombo. It's not every day that you see a churchman with a spine. The normal response in these days is anodyne pro forma deplorings, along with peace and flowers offerings to the supporters of radical Islamism, or lots and lots of cover-ups and...(Read Full Post)
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