So why's Obama slinking around Germany and 'privately' meeting with Angela Merkel?

So what's all this cuchi-coo between President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel?

The former U.S. president was reportedly meeting with the woman he's described in the past as his favorite European politician this very week. There was a smattering of reportage, and insistence from officials that this was all on the up and up. Here's the Fox News report:

BERLIN – Chancellor Angela Merkel has received former U.S. President Barack Obama at her office in Berlin for a meeting characterized by German officials as a routine private encounter with a former international peer.

Obama could be seen waving as he left the chancellery alongside Merkel Friday. Merkel's spokesman, Steffen Seibert, said she has met repeatedly with ex-heads of state and government "with whom she worked together closely and well for a time."

Kind of sounds like they were having a conversation about their (non-existent) grandchildren on the tarmac, eh?

DC Whispers, for one, thinks that the two Trump-hating politicians might have a less savory agenda, writing:

The king of open borders USA met privately with the queen of mass migration Europe this week in what some are justifiably calling an example of shadow government in action. Please read closely the cause and effect details outlined below:

It should also be noted that the meeting between the former president and the outgoing German chancellor took place within 24 hours of this report via D.C. Whispers:


The Full Story of How Obama, Hillary and Brennan Carried Out The Crime of the Century…


An entire segment of that report was devoted to the relationship between Obama and Merkel and included the following:

…Obama had been called out by the Drudge Report for visiting foreign leaders in Europe in the spring of 2017 right before President Trump visited those leaders in Europe. It turns out that one of those Obama meetings is now under scrutiny on Capitol Hill.

Deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein gave a redacted document to Rep. Devin Nunes, showing two major redactions about the creation of the Trump “Dossier” and the launch of FISA warrants and Robert Mueller’s investigation during the 2016 campaign. The redactions were: “the name of a country and the name of a foreign agent who supplied information.”

Now we know: the country is Germany and the foreign agent was either Angela Merkel or someone who worked for Angela Merkel in foreign intelligence.

The redacted sections will be referencing one of the European countries and agents that share SIGINT (signal intelligence) to US Intelligence,” says Chuck Marler, a longtime agent of the FBI Special Surveillance Group under Robert Mueller, who is an official whistleblower in this case.




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